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Heidis Guide to Four Letter Words Cowritten By USA Today Best Selling Author Tara Sivec And Award Winning Narrator Andi Arndt, A Hysterically Funny, Heartfelt Romance About Starting Over And Taking ChancesNothing Good Ever Comes From Drinking A Box Of Wine Alone So When I Decided To Entertain My Drunken Self By Setting Up Some Hand Me Down Podcasting Equipment And Reading The Steamy Parts From Romance Novels, I Never Thought Anyone Would Actually Listen The Fact That I Admitted My Huge Crush On My Sexy Next Door Neighbor Made The Whole Thing Even Mortifying But Sometimes Life Surprises You, And That S How My Podcast, Heidi S Discount Erotica, Was BornNow I, Heidi Larsen, A Sweet Former Kindergarten Teacher In Waconia, Minnesota, Lead A Scandalous Double Life Reading Erotic Novels To The Listening World And With Each Episode, I Find Myself Embracing My New Alter Ego And Now I M Starting To Feel Comfortable In My Own Skin And Do Things I Never Would Have Dreamed Of Like Kissing My NeighborLook Out, Waconia, Because Heidi S On The Loose She S In Your Ears, In Your Hearts, And Down Your Pantswait, That Didn T Sound As Good As It Did In My Head Well, You Get The Picture, Don Tcha Know

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    4 stars Tara Sivec s humor and Andi Arndt s narration you know when I heard these two were co writing a book and Andi was narrating I had to check it out right away I m so glad I did It was sweet, cute, sexy, and down right hilarious Heidi Larsen is a former kindergarten teacher and her town s sweetheart After getting laid off from her job, she finds something new An administrative assistant job in a studio Sounds great, right This is a studio that produces audiobooks Audiobooks that are mostly erotica and or romance It s something that Heidi becomes uncomfortable with almost immediately After her first day, she takes home some spare equipment and after a box of wine, records her first ever podcast It is a hoot Heidi talks about her life, her inexperience, and most importantly, her crush on her next door neighbor, Brent While working at this studio, she makes friends with some of her co workers and starts to come out of her shell She uses the podcast to help as well Heidi s Discount Erotica features Heidi narrating some books some of the steamier scenes to get her comfortable This book was a bit over the top, but I was okay with that It was so much fun to listen to I laughed out loud so many times and I cheered for Heidi as she started to come out of her shell I loved watching her with Brent, seeing her take charge and be comfortable in her own skin Also, every scene with her parents was just hilarious This was one of the funniest things I ve read in some time Andi Arndt does an amazing job narrating, as always, and I was impressed with her writing skills as well She and Tara Sivec collaborated on this seamlessly If you re looking for a book that will make you smile, laugh out loud, and is a bit ridiculous in the best way possible, pick up Heidi s Guide to Four Letter Words It was highly entertaining and a blast to listen to

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    Heidi is LIVE Grab your copy today

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    The perfect blend of feels and giggles, this heartwarming, sexy, and at times hysterically funny tale of a darling former kindergarten teacher blossoming from a shy, sexually repressed wallflower into a confident young woman in charge of her own life and desires, is the ultimate feel good Romantic Comedy The story unfolds both through a first person point of view, as well as a hilarious podcast where the heroine slowly breaks through her own inhibitions by reading steamy passages from erotic novels, engaging the listener from the get go Every sentence carries Tara Sivec s sparkling wit and signature style of comedic chaos, while every scene is designed to showcase oh so perfectly Andi Arndt s dynamic narration and undeniable acting chops, turning this sweet, laugh out loud romance into an unforgettable listening experience.

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    I really needed thisI haven t laughed that hard in a long timeON THE TRAINOUT LOUD Seriously, my fellow passengers must think I m an absolute loon You can pass off the odd smirk and even a big smile once in a while, but full on busting out laughing, not so much I just couldn t help myself, though Heidi s Guide to Four Letter Words was OTT silly but so bloody good I beg you Tara Sivec and Andi Arndt, please, do it again and again and again If this is what happens when a very talented author works together with an outstanding voice actor, well, I m a fan.I started listening to this audio on the way to work and by the time I arrived, I was desperate to share my good fortune of finding this little treasure Two of my workmates asked what was making me smile and I then proceeded to tell them about the heroine, Heidi Heidi, who previously loved Amish love stories with fade to black intimate scenes, finds herself working at a place that records erotic romances Oh my lordy, my work colleagues chuckled I think they were chuckling at me that the storyline because I couldn t explain without bursting out laughing as I explained You might guess from this, I m not very good at sharing jokes I wasn t sure what I was going to be getting when I downloaded Heidi s Guide to Four Letter Words, to be honest I didn t read the blurb properly because somehow I got the impression that it was going to be like a podcast I was even wondering whether it was going to be a romance Imagine my surprise and delight when I realised my mistake It was definitely romantic and extremely funny.Now, some might say that this story was a little OTT and highly unlikely that Heidi could be so naive, and at first, I had to agree After a little while, I came to realise it was all Heidi s mum s fault She protected Heidi from all the bad things in life This had me thinking about my kids and how I might be doing them a disservice by protecting them from disappointment Resilience, unfortunately, needs to be learnt Sure, I want to protect them from heartache but how are they to learn to pick yourself up again if they ve never had to I guess I ll have to learn to pick their battles So, if you re looking for a good laugh and want to be thoroughly entertained by a fantastic story that is brilliantly narrated, you can t go by Heidi s Guide to Four Letter Words The characters were original, the hero was sigh worthy and Heidi s mum an absolute CRACK UP I really do hope that Tara Sivec and Andi Arndt decide to do in the future.

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    This adorkable, funny, naughty, sexy, laugh out loud RomCom kept me up into the wee hours giggling into my pillow.The story takes place in Waconia, Minnesota and tells the story of Heidi Larsen, a sweet kindergarten teacher who dresses in unicorn smock dresses and whose mother covered her ears whenever someone said a naughty word She doesn t curse, reads Amish romances and has the hots for her neighbor She is also miserable.When she loses her job as a kindergarten teacher due to budget cuts she decides to make a change The first order of business is a new job as the receptionist at an audio studio Her she discovers they narrate steamy romances Hand me down podcast equipment, the blues, a box of wine and a steamy novel lead to the birth of Heidi s Discount Erotica podcast where she bares her soul and the transformation of Heidi begins.I loved this audio Heidi was hilarious as were secondary characters like her parents..oh my lord her parents But alas, spoilers darling I think we will all see our mums in there somewhere The romance was awkward, sweet, genuine and oh so hot.The whole story had a genuineness to it One can t help but root for Heidi Go Heidi Filled with growth, morals, personal discovery, and life lessons it made me smile.I cannot forget to mention Andi Arndt s narration From her Minnesota accent to the hilarious podcasts she brought Heidi to life bringing a whole new level of fun and sexy adorkableness to this story This review was originally posted at Caffeinated Reviewer

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    3.5 stars rounding up for all the laughs.

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    Loving this audio so far

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    4.5 5 Such a fun listen, hilarious and the narration was amazing

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    Heidi s Guide to Four Letter Words by Tara Sivec and Andi Arndt Narrated by Andi Arndt Romantic Comedy available in Audio First5 StarsUff da I know the Tara Sivec Andi Arndt collaboration would be good, but I honestly had no idea how good Heidi s Guide to Four Letter Words is the first book I ever listened to once, then went right back and listened again Then while writing this review and transcribing the quotes, I ended up listening for a third time Dick Taste in my palm, sleazy sleazy, he bent your dong Tara Sivec has been one of my favorite authors since 2012 Andi Arndt has become one of my favorite narrators especially for romantic comedy But I ve not heard her do full on comedy, and I usually prefer her playing older heroines But let me tell you, she NAILED it I normally separate my story review from the narration, but in Heidi s Guide to Four Letter Words the narration was such a huge part of the story that I can t imagine you d get the full effect just reading it.Heidi was so charmingly naive and innocent A kindergarten teacher in Minnesota that was recently laid off, Heidi s idea of a romance novel is Amish romance, and she blushes at the sound of sexy words, forget about saying them She s not a virgin, but she gets completely tongue tied around her sexy neighbor The kind of fire that makes me want to ask him to touch my butt Oh my god, I feel so scandalous In order to get comfortable saying sexy stuff so she doesn t fall into bushes around her neighbor, Heidi starts a podcast where she tries to read sexy scenes in books A box of Franzia wine later, Heidi s Discount Erotica Doot do doo was born.Brent was so perfect He was sweet, kind of shy, and perfect for Heidi I said yes to a date with the original Heidi The adorable, funny, beautiful Heidi, who measures so far above everyone else without even trying If you did any of this for me, it s not necessary I like you just the way you are Besides Heidi and Brent, there were some amazing side characters, but Heidi s mom was my favorite EVER, especially the way Andi Arndt acted her Chocolate sauce was on sale at the grocery store the other day and you know I can t pass up a good sale It was buy one get one free Anyhoo, Heidi s father now has a blister on his peepee and he s very sensitive about it Likes I have never laughed so hard at an audiobook The actual podcasts were so much fun The book would be great to read, but the narration took it from great to AMAZING See below I laughed a lot, but there was also some emotion involved It wasn t all silly fun The Minnesota humor I have a friend from there who sounds just like this She listened and thought it was hysterical It s the first time I listened to an audiobook again immediately after finishing Dislikes Absolutely NOTHING The Narration Wow Andi Arndt really outdid herself here I think that acting out a character that she created gave it that something extra special that Heidi s Guide to Four Letter Words had Her Minnesota accent was so funny, and I loved the way she didn t overuse it, using it in only actual dialog And Heidi s mom OMG I am laughing thinking about it While I usually prefer Andi narrating slightly mature characters, she sounded so young with her MN accent that she couldn t have been perfect for Heidi The second time I listened I sped it up to 1.5 and it made it even funnier The Down Dirty Tara Sivec has always been my favorite romcom author I was a little worried that having another person who has never written before co write with my favorite author might take something away from that Tara magic But nooooooo, Andi completely enhanced it Her ideas, her Minnesota background, and especially her narration, combined with Tara s hysterical sense of humor, and we have Romantic Comedy GOLD While I think it would be funny to read, Heidi s Guide to Four Letter Words was MADE for audio, so I highly suggest you give it a try You can sign up for a free audible book or it s free in the Audible Escape Package Heidi s Guide to Four Letter Words is the funniest audiobook I ve ever heard, so grab a hot dish and a box of Franzia and be ready to laugh your butt off, don tcha know Rating 5 Stars Heat 4, Narration 5 Purchase Heidi s Guide to Four Letter Words by Tara Sivec and Andi Arndt

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    This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life in Books.Oh my gosh, this book was so much fun This book caught my eye when I saw the cover prior to its release It sounded like a funny story so I was somewhat interested When I noticed that Andi Arndt narrated and co authored the book, I knew that I would have to give it a try I am so glad that I did I am not sure what I expected but there was a certain magic to this book It is safe to say that I enjoyed the time that I spent with this book.I like funny books I like them a whole lot but I rarely find myself actually laughing I might crack a grin or feel amused but full out laughter rarely happens It happened with this book I had a really hard time controlling myself at work while I was listening I expected some humor in this book but I did not expect full out laughter inducing magic Heidi is in need of a new job since she just lost her position as a kindergarten teacher She is able to find a position a local studio but she isn t quite ready for the type of books being recorded in this studio Heidi ends up with some equipment that the studio is giving away, opens a box of wine, and the next thing you know she has her own podcast, Heidi s Discount Erotica Heidi uses her podcast to try to come out of her shell a bit and try to make things happen with her sexy next door neighbor I liked Heidi a lot She is smart and funny She shows a lot of growth during this story and it was fun to watch it happen Her mom was a bit over the top but I thought that her character not only added to the humor but helped to demonstrate how her life has been up until this point It was fun to see Heidi s relationship with her mom grow during the book as well.The story did lose a little steam for me during the second half and especially towards the end The big conflict between Heidi and Brent didn t seem like a big deal to me at all Heidi s reaction was completely over the top I enjoyed the whole book but the first half was a bit enjoyable for me Andi Arndt nailed the narration I think that one of the reasons this book was as funny as it was is because of her performance I thought she did a great job with all of the character voices and I thought that her drunk Heidi was amazing I definitely think that this is a story best experienced through audio.I would definitely recommend this book to others This story was funny, original, and completely entertaining I hope to see from Tara Sivec and Andi Arndt very soon I received a copy of this audiobook from Audible Originals.Initial ThoughtsThis was fun I couldn t help but laugh my way through this book Heidi was a lot of fun and it was great watching her grow throughout this story The story was over the top at times but I didn t care because I was having so much fun The book did lose a little steam for me before it came to an end but I still enjoyed it overall Andi Arndt did a great job with the narration and I really feel like this is a book that has to be listened to in order to be fully enjoyed.

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