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!!> Reading ➼ The Boatmans Daughter ➵ Author Andy Davidson –

The Boatmans Daughter A Lush Nightmare Paul Tremblay Of A Supernatural Thriller About A Young Woman Facing Down Ancient Forces In The Depths Of The BayouEver Since Her Father Was Killed When She Was Just A Child, Miranda Crabtree Has Kept Her Head Down And Her Eyes Up, Ferrying Contraband For A Mad Preacher And His Declining Band Of Followers To Make Ends Meet And To Protect An Old Witch And A Secret Child From HarmBut Dark Forces Are At Work In The Bayou, Both Human And Supernatural, Conspiring To Disrupt The Rhythms Of Miranda S Peculiar And Precarious Life And When The Preacher Makes An Unthinkable Demand, It Sets Miranda On A Desperate, Dangerous Path, Forcing Her To Consider What She Is Willing To Sacrifice To Keep Her Loved Ones SafeWith The Heady Mythmaking Of Neil Gaiman And The Heartrending Pacing Of Joe Hill, Andy Davidson Spins A Thrilling Tale Of Love And Duty, Of Loss And Discovery The Boatman S Daughter Is A Gorgeous, Horrifying Novel, A Journey Into The Dark Corners Of Human Nature, Drawing Our Worst Fears And Temptations Out Into The Light

!!> Reading ➼ The Boatmans Daughter  ➵ Author Andy  Davidson –
  • Paperback
  • 416 pages
  • The Boatmans Daughter
  • Andy Davidson
  • English
  • 18 September 2018
  • 9780374538552

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    I never would have read this book if it hadn t been on Netgalley And that would have been a damned shame This story is everything I dislike in a book Too damned hot and swampy Well, by the time I finished this book, I was thinking that living alone in this place would be great for me Not near as great as someplace with icebergs, a huge picture window and a woodstove, but close This story had atmosphere I took it into my dreams at night I didn t want to, but I d fall asleep to the light of it on my Kindle, and down we d go I loved these people They were everything I would never want to know But, here In this book, they got me This is one of those books that I will revisit again Just because I will need to be in their company again Mr Davidson did an excellent job on building this tiny section of the world I ll be reading My thanks to the publishers, the author and netgalley.

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    From the first harrowing scenes all the way until the bittersweet end, this book had me enthralled Set along the rivers and bayous of Arkansas, this tale is about Miranda, and how she manages keeps her life afloat Running drugs for the bad guys to help her support the local witch and the special boy the witch hides and cares for Discarded and left for dead, this boy is very special indeed and so is Miranda A bow hunting woman of the bayou, she is not to be taken lightly The drug runners, featuring locals and bikers, a dwarf of man as their main grower, and a mad preacher man who basically does whatever he wants Among these men, there is nothing considered taboo, and I mean nothing Will Miranda, the witch and the boy be able to continue to survive and live life as they have been You ll have to read this to find out In addition to the characters I ve already mentioned, I also need to highlight the hot and humid atmosphere All the bug infested routes throughout the bayou, rivers and streams The old homes near the river that aren t fully vacated, but are crumbling prey to the humidity, the mold, and the heat The old mercantile that Miranda s father once owned, falling prey to dust and disuse after her father died In my head I pictured all of this perfectly and as such, these locations became characters to me as well I remain impressed with Andy Davidson s style of writing and how effortlessly he combines things like small town life, witches, Russian fairy tales and so on He does it so deftly that I never questioned any of it It just WAS Davidson created people I feel for because they feel real Then he put them all in danger and I found it difficult to pull myself away I read his previous book IN THE VALLEY OF THE SUN last year, and I knew I was on to something unique with this author Now, with THE BOATMAN S DAUGHTER I m sure than ever that Davidson is the real deal and I will sign up for anything he writes from here on out Highly Recommended Available everywhere tomorrow, but you can pre order here Thanks go out to the author who saw my desperate plea for an ARC and sent me one in exchange for my honest feedback This is it.

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    Turning my review into Cemetery Dance this morning Jan 10th, 2019.Review teaser The Boatman s Daughter is a greasy, magical, Southern Gothic fable Davidson pens a vivid backdrop for his colorful characters to come alive and draw the reader into an eerie supernatural thriller An immersive experience I won t soon forget This book releases a month from today February 11th, 2020PRE ORDER NOW

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    Review to come closer to publication.Real quick I loved every page Davidson is magic.

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    I received this from for a review Ever since her father was killed when she was just a child, Miranda Crabtree has kept her head down and her eyes up, ferrying contraband for a mad preacher and his declining band of followers to make ends meet and to protect an old witch and a secret child from harm Kind of a weird, eerie, obscure story The writing is a bit disjointed but compelling, once I got the hang of it.3

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    Miranda runs drugs in and out of the bayou, deals with wicked preachers and a corrupt sheriff in the only way she knows because since her father died she has only herself to depend on She also takes care of a special boy who lives hidden away with a witch deep in the swamp Soon another will need to be rescued and it will take every magic trick and survival skill Miranda knows to control this strange world and take care of those who are defenseless The book feels very mysterious like a horror story mixed with Eastern European fairy tales It is a look at innocence, special abilities and the darkness that dwells in some people s souls It looks at religion and people in power and pits them against children that are treated like sacrificial lambs Violence on every page but the author excels in painting a picture of this strange world that is so vivid you can almost feel the damp heavy earth and hear the song of the cicadas My thanks to the publisher for the advance copy.

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    I m setting this one aside I m just in a weird reading place right now and I m struggling to get into this one I feel like not much has happened, and I haven t had it click for me yet.

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    Review Coming to Booklist and the blog soon

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    Loved this book so much.

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    Thanks so much to publisher, FSG Original, for providing me with this ARC in exchange for an honest review.4.5 stars rounded up The first word that comes to mind with this book is..bizarre Completely bizarre I felt like I was walking through a surreal dream while reading it I ve never read anything like this The Boatman s Daughter follows a young woman named Miranda, who s world is turned dark after falling in too deep with a crazy preacher and group of his loyal followers I won t say much about the plot because I really think you should read it for yourself One of my favorite aspects of this book is the writing It is full of exquisite, haunting imagery with a Southern Gothic twist Another favorite aspect for me was the main protagonist, Miranda Crabtree She was such a powerhouse of a character from beginning to endand, might I add, what an ending it was The Boatman s Daughter will be released on February 11th, and I recommend this to anyone who enjoys a beautifully written supernatural story against a Southern Gothic backdrop.

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