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[PDF] Shamed (Kate Burkholder, #11) By Linda Castillo –

Shamed (Kate Burkholder, #11) In This Riveting New Thriller In Linda Castillo S New York Times Bestselling Series, Kate Burkholder Races Against The Clock To Find A Missing Amish Girl.An Amish Grandmother Is Murdered On An Abandoned Farm, Her Seven Year Old Granddaughter Abducted Chief Of Police Kate Burkholder Plunges Headlong Into A Case That Quickly Becomes A Race Against The Clock She Knows The Longer The Girl Is Missing, The Likely A Tragic Outcome The Family Of The Missing Girl Is Well Thought Of A Pillar Of The Amish Community Their Pain Is Palpable And They Cooperate In Every Way, But Kate Soon Learns They Re Keeping SecretsThe Investigation Takes Kate To An Isolated Old Order Amish Settlement Along The River In Southern Ohio At First, The Community Seems Upstanding And Helpful But When Kate Starts Asking Questions, They Stonewall Her And The Situation Soon Becomes Dangerous What Are They Hiding And Why After An Attempt On Her Life, Kate Unearths A Haunting And Tragic Secret That Changes Everything She Thought She Knew About The Family For Whom She Is Fighting, The Amish Community As A Whole And Everything She Thought She Knew About Herself Will She Reach The Girl In Time To Save Her Life

[PDF] Shamed (Kate Burkholder, #11)  By Linda Castillo –
  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • Shamed (Kate Burkholder, #11)
  • Linda Castillo
  • 18 December 2018
  • 9781250142863

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    4 StarsA Fantastic Character Driven Police Procedural My first Kate Burkholder novel Shamed came highly recommended to me by Kaceey, my book buddy, and what an experience it was What I discovered as I dove into the series without any prior knowledge, is that these books are character driven mystery suspense novels In addition, they are deeply emotional and heartfelt and every character adds something special to the dynamics This was a very special buddy read, as I quickly found out that this series is Kaceey s favorite Thank you for sharing it with me Kaceey I loved it A Grandmother slayed One child abducted, another left behind An Amish family shattered and a community left in tatters Kate Burkholder is the Chief of Police in the Amish Community where the crimes happened Days pass and time is of the essence Secrets are abound, and Kate is left to uncover them Anxiety rises as does the danger No one is safe, and I mean no one Shamed is the 11th book in the Kate Burkholder series by Linda Castillo This was my first read by Ms Castillo and thankfully I had no problems following along with the storyline or the cast of characters, which speaks volumes I liked this novel so much that I will definitely go back and read the other books in this series The writing flows very easily and the pac...

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    Linda Castillo has done it again All the shiny stars for her latest release This is book eleven of the Kate Burkholder series and I must say it reads as one of the best The entire series takes place in Painters Mills Ohio, where Kate Burkholder is the local Police Chief She also happens to be ex Amish Long since trading that fully encompassing lifestyle, leaving everything and everyone behind for an English life.An Amish woman and her two granddaughters are on an outdoor adventure picking walnuts at a nearby deserted farm What should have been a delightful play day quickly turns deadly.As the grandmother is suddenly and brutally attacked, she screams for her granddaughters to run for their lives But only one is lucky enough to get away Now there s an all out manhunt to find the missing child who may be in the hands of a maniacal killer.I always enjoy a good series I love getting familiar with all the characters It provides a intimate connection as I m reading This series ranks as one of my absolute favorites Linda Castillo writes a mind twisting, absolute unputdownable police procedural that will keep you reading all through the night The writing is sharp...

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    An Amish grandmother is murdered, a young Amish girl taken and my favorite former Amish, now po ice chief, will do anything and everything to find her Before the case is finished, their will be bodies falling, by a murderer who seems bent on revenge It will even include two Amish bishops, from Painters Creek and another town But what is the connection The killing are of a very viscious nature, in fact the descriptions of the murders explicit than I remember them being in previous outings of this series Still such a good story Intriguing, with all the usual elements In every new addition we learn and about the ways of the Amish and the difference in ...

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    In this 11th book in the Kate Burkholder series, Kate the Chief of Police of Painter s Mill, Ohio is searching for a killer and a kidnapped child The book can be read as a standalone Sixty year old Mary Yoder is a well liked Amish woman who lives with her daughter and son in law, Miriam and Ivan Helmuth, and their eight children The family loves Mary s walnut layer cake, so when walnut season rolls around, Mary takes her granddaughters Annie 5 and Elsie 7 down the road to the abandoned Schattenbaum farm to collect walnuts for the winter.When Mary notices movement in the dilapidated Schattenbaum farmhouse, she goes in to take a look Shockingly, the grandmother confronts a man lurking there, who viciously stabs her to death, then abducts 7 year old Elsie Later, when Chief of Police Kate Burkholder speaks to Annie, the child says Da Deivel the devil took her sister.Miriam and Ivan Helmuth beg Kate to find their beloved Elsie, a special needs child who is particularly delicate and vulnerable Elsie has ...

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    It has been said that, Revenge is a dish best served cold, well if you throw in a dash of mayhem, a few murders, a kidnapping, several Amish characters and few horse and buggies you are left with the tasty tale, Shamed, thoughtfully prepared and served by the talented Castillo Shamed begins with the b...

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    This series is one of my favorites I am never disappointed by Linda Castillo Shamed is the 11th book in the Kate Burkholder series Kate grew up Amish, but left the faith as a teenager She returned to Painters Mill, OH as an adult to become the local police chief She is skilled at her job Her knowledge of the Amish and ability to speak Pennsylvania Dutch are often vital because 1 3 of the local population is Amish In this newest book, an Amish grandmother is brutally murdered and a 7 year old girl is taken by her killer As they attempt to track the killer to find the missing girl, the case slowly pieces together Much is involved than just the kidnapping of an Amish child Decisions and mistakes from the past are revealed As usual, I loved this book Total binge read I read the entire story in one sitting.I couldn t stop reading.The story sucked me in immediately and kept my attention until the very end Suspenseful and exciting Loved it I m glad that this book was about the case and investigation than Kate Burkholder s relationshi...

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    5 all the amazing stars to this oneLet me just say that I dropped whatever else I was doing or reading to read this book I read it in two sittings and this series just gets better and better If you are a fan of this Kate Burkholder series, this one does not disappoint and you should be prepared to love it If you haven t read any of these, my suggestion is to start with 1 Sworn to Silence and then read the entire series, you should be ready to read this one when it ...

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    Painters Mill Chief of Police Kate Burkholder is back, in the eleventh book in the series from Linda Castillo This time, she s investigating the brutal murder of an Amish grandmother One of the woman s granddaughters is also missing nothing left behind but a trail of blood The girl s family is understandably devastated, and Kate recognizes that they are racing against time the longer young Elsie is missing, the less chance they have of finding her But as Kate plunges into the case, the she delves into a world of secrets and the she realizes someone is going to great lengths to keep those secrets hidden I really enjoy the Kate Burkholder series, and I was very excited to receive a copy of this book, as I ve missed a few of the latest books It was incredibly easy to pick back up with Kate, and this book would work easily as a stand alone, as well It s a quick read I read it in about a day It s told mainly from Kate s point of view, with just a few tiny snippets inserted from a few of the other characters It s tense, as it counts the hours Elsie has been missing, and you can easily feel Kate s panic and the sensation that the team is working against the cloc...

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    This may be the eleventh in the series but it is still excellent In fact, I think it s the best one yet Although this is a series, it can certainly be read as a stand alone as each book brings a new crime And this is a doozy I could barely put it down and read it in two days Kate Burkholder is the local police chief of Painters Mill in Ohio right in the middle of Amish country As a former practicing Amish woman, Kate knows the language and customs which eases the interaction in the community In this one a special needs 7 year old girl is kidnapped and her grandmother brutally murdered Kate is working at a frantic pace to find the girl and solve the murder There are violent attacks and murders as Kate tries to find the small helpless girl and finds herself in the middle of a bizarre scheme of revenge and payback This girl was taken for a reason I love the insight into the var...

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    Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a Kindle ARC of Shamed. I was so excited to receive an early copy of Shamed, I put the current book I was reading on hold to read this first because I m a huge fan of the Kate Burkholder series Shamed is the 11th book featuring the gutsy Chief of Police Kate Burkholder in Painters Mill When a grandmother is brutally attacked and killed, and a young special needs girl is kidnapped, Kate pulls out all the stops to find the killer and kidnapper.Along with her loyal team of police officers and steadfast partner in crime, John Tomasetti, Kate s investigation takes her across a few states to unravel a plot to save a child with devastating consequences for those involved in the future.Ms Castillo describes the Amish community so well, both positively and negatively, especially with how their community regards women and their narrow minded expectations of them.I enjoyed this story of family secrets and vengeance and how a cloistered and sheltered community s painful condemnation of women resulted in a poorly conceived plan to save a child, ruining the lives of the parents and those involved in the conspiracy.I never tire of reading about Kate, her resilience, her determination, her smarts, as well as her loyal team of officers Glock, Skid, Mona, its...

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