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[Read] ➭ Dawns Promise (Silent Wings, #1) Author A.W. Exley –

Dawns Promise (Silent Wings, #1) A Heart Prepared To Die That Has Never Lived Or LovedBorn With Fragile Health, Dawn Uxbridge Has Lived A Sheltered Existence Her Lonely Days Are Filled By Drawing Fanciful Landscapes And Nurturing Plants When Tragedy Strikes, She Finds Herself Alone And Penniless With Only One Talent A Green Thumb Jasper, The Earl Of Seton, Is In Need Of A Gardener To Reclaim His Derelict Estate In The Remote West Of England He Expected A Robust Commoner, Not A Fragile Young Woman With The Next Train A Week Away, Dawn Has One Chance To Change The Earl S Mind And Earn Her Place But All Is Not As It Seems At The Ancestral Manor The Estate Is Full Of Secrets, Ravens Cluster On The Parapets, And A Ghostly Young Woman Cries Out At Night This Garden Conceals A Rotten Heart, And It Plans To Squeeze The Last Beat From Dawn S

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    I FINALLY have a new series coming next year I know it s been years since I did something new This one was inspired by seeing Crimson Peak last year, which reminded me how much I loved gothic novels as a teen This se...

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    Lovely and poetical

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    Another great story by Ms Exley I am going to try not to give away any spoilers This book was sort of a grown up Secret Garden for me The whole book is set in a garden, which is a lovely thing to read on a winter s day I also enjoyed watching Dawn, the lead, navigate her way through the tragedy that life brings her, see how that frees her up for adventure and cha...

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    I am a huge fan of A.W Exley, and was excited for a new series Her new series is set in Victorian era Great Britton, and centers around Dawn When tragedy strikes, she has no other choice, but to set out on an adventure that she would never otherwise take Dawn sets out with an affinity for gardenin...

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    Great start to a new series I never wanted to put the book down I cant wait to read Day s Patience.

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    Dawn s Promise is one of those books that could have been great, but a single plot point just destroys the novel Right up until the third act the book was quite enjoyable, but how a scene of terrible trauma was handled just made me recoil in horror view spoiler The story s protagonist is Dawn Uxbridge, a girl born with a weak heart that has lived her life sheltered in the home of her parents Her one outlet is gardening and spending her days with her beloved plants for company Dawn is raised with the grim expectation that her parents will outlive her, which is why the shock of their unexpected deaths joins her grief and despair in losing them to a tragic accident.Few jobs are available for women of the 1880 s, and fewer still are options for a woman of frail health After many job refusals and her home soon to be sold out from under her, Dawn manages to find work as a gardener through a wanted ad in the paper At first, Lord Japer Seton wants to send Dawn away when he realizes his assumption that she was a man proves false However, Dawn argues that the ad stated the job would be given based on merit, not on gender This argument and the fact that the train that brought Dawn to the estate would not return for another week convinces Jasper to allow Dawn a trial run of seven days to evaluat...

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    First 2 3 4 starsThe other 1 3 0 starsThe first part of Dawn s Promise was haunting and atmospheric in the tradition of classic Gothic novels like Jane Eyre A young woman with a fatal heart condition is tragically orphaned when both of her parents are killed in a carriage accident She is also destitute from her father s poor investments and has no alternative except to work for her living Her poor health will not permit her to take on any job that is physically taxing and no one will hire her for the job she is most qualified for gardening.After numerous rejections, she draws up plans for a garden layout and sends them off with a job application letter She deliberately chooses to omit all mention of her gender, identifying herself only as D Uxbridge To her surprise, she receives a train ticket and a letter in response, accepting her for the position of head gardener to a very old and neglected estate.Unfortunately, the last 1 3 of the book intr...

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    Dawn Uxbridge was born with a fragile heart and not expected to make it past her teen years Now in her twenties, she finds herself alone and penniless after a tragic accident takes the lives of her parents Armed with her love of landscape and gardening, she accepts a position as the head gardener at a remote manor in historical England.Lord Jasper, the Earl of Seton, isn t sure what to think of his new gardener, expecting a man instead of a feeble female Yet he is drawn to Dawn and gives her one week to show progress on his unruly gardens As Dawn spends time on the estate, she suspects the problems with the garden are not earthly in origin, and her new employer may be than he appears After just one week, Dawn and Jasper find themselves in a fight of good versus evil, with at stake than the survival of the garden Dawn s Promise was a delightful surprise to this listener Combining a sweet historical romance with unique fantasy, the story is reminiscent in feel to the Chronicles of Narnia It is whimsical yet dark, exploring the fanciful secrets hidden within the landscape Dawn has lead a sheltered life, understanding very little of the adult world and romance There was no need to learn these things when she t...

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    Dawn s Promise is set in England in 1880 The novel centres around Dawn, who has been restricted in life by a weak heart but finds solace in her home garden until tragedy strikes and she loses everything But when one door shuts, another opens or in this case, when one garden is forbidden, another garden awaits.Dawn is great as the heroine She may have a weak heart, and has little social or world experience, but she is not weak willed and is ready to stand up for herself even if it pushes conventions of that time I enjoyed reading about Dawn s journey, she considers everything carefully before stepping into any situation and even though she may lack experience in many things, she is not naive and doesn t act like a child.This is the first book I have read by Exley and it certainly won t be the last Exley knows how to balance dialogue and body well Her writing style flows gracefully along the pages,...

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    Readers talk about one click authors These are the authors that you want to one click on , no matter what their book is about For me, A.W Exley is one of those As you may have noticed from my reviews, she pops up a lot And with good reason She is awesome I love the way she thinks and her passion for each of her books There are two reasons I love her books her character development and world building This book is hands above fist, my favorite It is incredible I read it in two days and completely forgot I had a family In fact, I was so engrossed in this book, I forgot there was a world outside of this strange garden Her descriptions of various garden plants and flowers fascinated me I can t even imagine the amount of research that went into this However, she did a terrific job of balancing information sharing with entertainment I never once felt like it was too much or massive ...

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