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The Three Miss Allens In 1934, The Three Miss Allens Ruby, Adeline And Clara Arrive In The Seaside Town Of Remarkable Bay For Their Annual Summer Holiday It S The Last Time They Ll Spend Summers As A Family Adeline Is Engaged, Ruby Is Weighing Up An Offer, And Clara Is Just Eighteen And About To Start Her Life But By Summer S End, The Lives They Have Known Will Change Irrevocably And A Mysterious Secret Will Tear The Family Apart.Eighty Two Years Later, Ruby S Great Granddaughter Roma Harris Moves To The Now Sleepy Remarkable Bay, Retreating From Tragedy Roma S Distant Cousin Addy Arrives Too, Fleeing A Life With Too Much Drama It S Only When The Women Discover An Old Guest Book That They Start Asking Questions About The Mysterious Third Miss Allen Who Was She Why Has She Disappeared From The Family S History If They Solve This Mystery From Their Past, Could It Change The Women S Futures

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    4.5 sFor the past three years Roma Harris had lived in a cocoon shielding herself from everything and everyone Her grief was deep and at times she felt it was insurmountable Roma made a decision rash or not, she knew something had to happen And so it was that Roma found herself back in the small seaside village of Remarkable Bay, an hour or so south of Adelaide, which had been a big part of her childhood for family holidays The old rundown BB, Bayview, which they d crossed to the other side of the road to pass as children, had been for sale now, it was hers and she was moving in, whether Leo, her brother who lived in Sydney thought she was crazy or not When Roma s distant cousin Addy arrived, their finding of a dusty old guest book during renovations, and the subsequent discovery that both Addy and Roma s great great grandparents, Adeline and Ruby Allen had stayed at Bayview BB back in 1934 stunned and excited them But it was the sight of another Allen signature in the book which startled them Roma and Addy had never heard of Clara Allen who was she Was she even a relative Secrets and lies, heartbreak and tragedy ...

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    This is a story set in two separate times but linked by family members It was a nice, easy read which attempted along the way to deal with a number of serious issues including domestic violence and rape For me it was a little too obvious and superficial I had guessed what had happened and by whom for each incident way before its big reveal.However I enjoyed the developing relationships, the dialogue and the c...

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    Purman is best known for her fresh contemporary romance stories set in her home state of South Australia Purman changes direction for her 2016 release, The Three Miss Allens Although this story is set in South Australia, it is a melding of a historical 1930 s set storyline, which crosses over to a contemporary, 2016 based storyline The connection between the two narratives is strong, as the ties and secrets families keep is the overriding theme of this memorable novel.In the present day, Roma Harris is a young woman grieving over the loss of her husband Her grief sends her packing from her life in the city of Adelaide and it takes her to the beautiful coastline of Remarkable Bay Joining Roma in her new abode is her distant cousin Addy, who is also using Remarkable Bay as a retreat, after her dramatic life becomes too much to bear As Roma starts the renovation process, the cousins make a startling discovery An old guest book from their new residence reveals the existence of three sisters who once stayed at this residence in the 1930 s as a holiday home However, the cousins are aware of the existence of t...

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    The story starts in 2016 with Roma Harris who has bought a large old house in need of repair at Remarkable Bay, a small place on the coast of South Australia She sees it as the start of a new life after the death of her husband three years earlier I loved the setting and the name of the place, Remarkable Bay Remarkable Bay had been the site of many family holidays when she was young, holidays that included her cousin Addy Roma is less than impressed when at her brother Leo s request, Addy lobs on the doorstep of her house which she is starting to renovate.The two women find a guest book from 1934 when the house operated as a guest house It contains the names of both their grandmothers, Ruby and Adeline Allen But who is Clara, the other Miss Allen in the guest book The mystery intrigues Roma and Addy and they are keen to find out But she seems to have disappeared from any record What could have happened to her I liked the way the two stories, from the present day and starting from 1934 were twined together However that also became a problem, as than once the author confused the names While in the older story about Ruby, in several places her name becomes Roma It was disconcerting At first I thought I was overtired and not reading properly Then it happened again Pages 82, and 98 are two examples Maybe that is a problem of having names that start with the same lett...

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    Finally getting around to typing a proper review of this, some three months after finishing Even now, this is still one of my most favourite reads of 2017, and arguably my favourite This was the first of Victoria s I had read, and like I mentioned in my initial reaction here, I truly hope she writes many historical fiction stories in the future I was absolutely thrilled when she told me that she is This story takes place over two different eras, initially starting in 2016 when Roma Harris moves to the tiny Remarkable Bay, and moves into, what becomes arguably the most important character if you like, the old guesthouse Bayview Her cousin Addy soon follows her, at the request of Roma s big brother Leo who is worried about his little sister after an extremely tough time over the last five years or so Addy s got her own issues to try and sort out, so it works for her too While the girls are renovating the rather dilapidated Bayview they find an old guestbook and stumble across their great grandmothe...

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    Heartbreakingly delicious is how I would say reading this book was for me I so want to run off and buy an old house and run a B n B A story line to die for and the characters as rich as the best dark chocolate and I cried, and I am not a crier in books I so desperately wanted to finish it yet made my self hold off as I wanted to Saver the whole book Thankfully being self employed I could read at work and I did The Allen Sisters were just written so beautifully I really felt that I had stepped back in time the description was just perfect, so sad for women back then The modern day writing was just was good I loved how you gave us a few chapters of each and didn t rip us the reader out of one t...

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    I actually would like to give this than 5 stars and I have no idea how I m going to write a spoilerless, objective review.The Three Miss Allens is a step outside the comfort zone of author Victoria Purman, it s like nothing she has written before and it is amazing I love this story, I love these characters and the setting is just divine.Once again Purman keeps us in her home state of South Australia and much of the story takes place on the coast a couple of kms along from Victor Harbor We aren t heading to Middle Point this time though the three Miss Allens spend their summer holidays in Remarkable Bay.The story opens in 2016 with Roma Harris packing up her Adelaide life to move to Remarkable Bay and hide out at Bayview, the dilapidated old house she s bought Roma spent many childhood summers in Remarkable Bay with her family though never staying at Bayview, by the time she was summering on the coast the house was already in its twilight years and used as a squat.Roma has been doing it tough for a few years a...

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    Loved it And wondering if it could be perhaps the beginning of a series of stories between 1935 and 2016 Such wonderful characters with so many secrets.

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    Could not put it down Amazing story full review to follow in a couple of days.

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    What a fabulous story strong characters that leapt off the pages and became so real the setting is beautiful with such a great name Remarkable Bay and it was so remarkable to bring generations together without knowing they had all been there, there is a definite pull for this family to return.Three Miss Allen sisters growing up in the 1930 s and at Remarkable Bay for their summer holiday and it will be their last time together like this with Adeline about to get married Ruby contemplating marriage and young Clara hiding a devastating secret that will change all of their lives forever.Then eighty odd years later Ruby s great granddaughter Roma buys the guest house that they had stayed in and Adeline s great granddaughter comes to stay as well and when a guest book is found and there is a mystery to try and uncover another Allen sister that no one had heard about, new people to meet who all have ties with Remarkable Bay and the Allen family and perhaps links with past generations makes this one a story that will keep you turning the pages.This is a compelling story that covers some tough issues like domestic violence and secrets that have been kept by past and present generations hard decisions to be made on whether these secrets should be kept or told and of loves that are true or not All in all this was a story that I savoured every word it is beautifully wr...

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