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[Epub] ➤ Journal of Discourses, Volume 26 ➥ The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints –

Journal of Discourses, Volume 26This Edition Is A Photo Lithographic Reprint Of The Exact Original Edition The Original Edition Was Published In Liverpool, England Between 1855 And 1886 And Contains The Major Trends Of The Religious Thinking Of Over 100 Authorities Of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints During This Third Of A Century Most Of The Discourses In The Earlier Volumes Were By The First Presidency And Members Of The Council Of Twelve Apostles Later The Sermons Of Other Members Of The General Authorities, And Some Of The Outstanding Missionaries, Teachers, Writers And Others Are Represented While The Majority Of Them Were Delivered In Salt Lake City, A Considerable Number Were Made In Other Cities And Towns Throughout Utah And Idaho A Few Were Delivered By Joseph Smith And Others, Years Before 1854.The Index Was Compiled And Edited At Brigham Young University Under The Direction Of Newbern I Butt Of The BYU Library And Was Published In 1959.

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    President Kimball said to Read the Journal of Discourses, They are like unto Scripture.It is a shame that so many think they know than what these books teach and infer they are old and thus are left to gather dust.

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    I have studied enough volumes to claim I have read it I own all 26 books A must for LDS Church history nuts like mebut don t take it as our scripture for it pertains to the saints of the 19th century However, a fascinating wor...

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    You had better reserve a huge chunk of time from your schedule to read these 26 volumes.It is interesting to compare and contrast the sermons covered in the JofD with the correlated material the church presents today.

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    Found it discouraging for a new member They take such a harsh view of those who have trouble committing to follow the commandments Also, it does not seem to be very tolerant of others It seems an odd attitude for a people that were persecuted so bad Or maybe not.

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    Okay, I submit that nobody has read this completely, but i ve read enough of the various volumes to feel comfortable claiming to have read it And it s good insightful, and, unfortunately, generally ignored.

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    This is going to take a while to read Maybe it would be a good idea to read the most recent General Conference Addresses and work my way back.

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    It had some interesting historical geographic references concerning the Salt Lake Valley and the uses of the resources Other than that is was pretty repetitive A huge collection

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    My dream is to read all of these may never get to do it, but someday I hope to Fascinating

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