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Reading ➻ Rotgut Gin (Sinners, #3.5) Author Rhys Ford –

Rotgut Gin (Sinners, #3.5) This Is A Freebie Sinners Series Short Written For Hop Against Homophobia, Bi And Transphobia.

    10 thoughts on “Reading ➻ Rotgut Gin (Sinners, #3.5) Author Rhys Ford –

  1. says:

    Try and not cry, I dare you It s sad and happy all at the same time.

  2. says:

    This was short, it was surprisingly emotional Damien Mike say good bye to Dave and Johnny and Mike makes good on a debt owed Apparently it only took Ms Ford about 9 pages to reduce me to tears, so yeah, read the last couple of pages with tears in...

  3. says:

    An emotional short that shows the band in it s early days, then the brothers that remain It shows them as young men, their brotherhood and rather poignantly their differences and how deeply forged the bond between Miki and Damien is In compari...

  4. says:

    I ll bet you a shot of rotgut moonshine on it Ignore the redhead in the corner curled into herself and sobbing.

  5. says:

    What an awesome peek into the past Made me laugh and cry all at the same time.

  6. says:

    Oh, my Sooo cry worthy.

  7. says:

    A touching short story that showed us a glimpse of the Sinner s Gin guys in the past and now in the present Lot s of emotions packed in this little short story.

  8. says:

    This lovely short extra story gives us a glimpse of all of Sinner s Gin interacting back in the day After only hearing about Dave and Johnny from Miki and Damien s memories in the books it was a treat to actually see them o...

  9. says:

    Nice little freebie from Rhys available from the Novel Approach website the link on here doesn t work, but you can find your way around the NA website under free reads , giving us a glimpse into the band that was Sinner s Gin before the fateful events of book 1 Sinner s Gin.

  10. says:

    Break my heart why don t ya I loved seeing a flash back to when Miki and Damien had their old crew but it was heartbreaking at the same time knowing what happened to them all This was poignant and touching Lovely little piece.

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