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Belonging 2014 Massey Lectures Co Sponsored By CBC Radio, House Of Anansi Press And Massey College In The University Of Toronto It Was Written By Adrienne Clarkson, Canada S 26th Governor General She Writes About The Challenges Faced By All Societies Brought About By Seismic Shifts Of Population Arguing That A Sense Of Belonging Is A Necessary Mediation Between An Individual And Society She Discusses The Evolution Of Citizenship Throughout The Ages, How We Measure Up Today And What Is Needed To Bring Into Being The Citizen And Society Of The Future.

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    Occasionally copies of the Massey Lectures show up in my hands I think it s usually my dad s fault Belonging The Paradox of Citizenship is the collection of Adrienne Clarkson s 2014 lectures As the title implies, she examines what it means to belong to a nation, with specific reference to her experience as an immigrant Canadian Clarkson is definitely a fascinating author for this topic Given her background, her career as a journalist, and then her time as Canada s Governor General, she has a diverse wealth of experience She can certainly pursue this topic from a variety of angles, and this comes through in her lectures On the other hand, I was never completely sold on what I saw here.In the first lecture, The Circle Widens , Clarkson examines how we build trust networks She relates a few historical anecdotes a village in France whose inhabitants today can trace most of their lineages back to the 1400s a man who was impersonated for decades yet his closest family either didn t realize or went along with it This is an effective beginning to the question of Belonging, I guess, and ...

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    Adrienne Clarkson s Belonging The Paradox of Citizenship is an interesting paradox, in itself, of the theoretical and practical in her arguments in favour of open and inclusive Canadian citizenship.For Clarkson, the act of imagination, of behaving as if people are all good citizens, helps makes this come into being full disclosure I am mentioned in the acknowledgements for providing advice and friendship.Her examples range from the mountain people of the Ik in Uganda whose society fell apart when their territory disappeared to Eygali res in Provence, France, which won and maintained its independence the French film Le Retour de Martin Guerre on how identity can be assumed ancient Greece and the golden age of Athenian democracy the community strength of the Althing Icelandic gathering of chiefs the African concept of Ubuntu of connectedness and interdependence the Asian nation of Bhutan s gross national happiness and Canadian Aboriginal circles of the same rings of being Her basic premise is that humans a...

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    Not the best Massey lecture but still a decent read Clarkson explores the idea of citizenship both now and in the past Although she reviews different ideas about citizenship she spends most of the time describing what it means in the context of Canadian citizenship She rightly views it as an idea or concept unlike other nationalities which emphasize ethnicity and land However, her Canadian ideal is not the same as Stephen Harper and her ilk rather its the inclusive vision promoted by the Canadian intelligentsia such as her husband John Ralston Saul in his book The Siamese Twin I happen to agree but her book assumes this ideal with a lot less evidence than Saul s book which anchors the Canadian ide...

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    Repetitive and sort of incoherent in its structure, but still interesting and at times supremely elegant She s very thoughtful but does seem a bit too trusting of the political system and its players to come across as entirely credible when making global statements about Canadians and citizenship.

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    Adrienne Clarkson was a Governor General of Canada 1999 2005 , i.e., the head of state One of the responsibilities of the Governor General is to Bring Canadians Together , meaning promoting national identity by supporting and promoting Canadian values, diversity, inclusion, culture and heritage As an immigrant from Hong Kong at a young age, the concept of integrating into society, that of belonging, is very personal to the author This book captures the five lectures of the CBC Massey Lecture Series from August 3 to August 31, 2015, from five different locations in Canada, The lectures chapters explore the concept of belonging for an individual, that she defines as the interdependence of cooperation, sharing, and balancing relationships with others Put another way, the lectures explore the relationship between the individual and the society within that individual lives, and in the relationship the balance between the one and the Others in society.In crafting the lectures, the author weaves in stories from many places in the world, and thoughts such as Ubuntu , a concept that emphasizes our connectedness with each other in the past, present, and the future And she also emphasizes the unique Canadian experience, drawing upon the First National peoples and their thinking, along with the immigration that has happened in Canada from Europe and elsewhere She cites information that shows that what Canada has been doing has brought together a consensus about key ideas...

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    Unlike authors who lament the perils and threats of immigration, Adrienne Clarkson, Canada s 26 Governor General, believes migration is part and parcel of the order of things She writes, Never has the world experienced a greater movement of peoples from one country to another, from one continent to another These seismic shifts in population have brought about huge challenges for all societies Clarkson writes about the need for greater acceptance She talks about indigenous groups worldwide and asks, Who belongs and How can one prove belonging She concludes that a sense of belonging is forged through connection, not factors surrounding one s homeland and birth place.I d like to see Canada s Ms Clarkson and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau read The Strange Death of Europe Immigration, Identity, Islam, a book by Douglas Murray, 2017 Europe is how Canada could look in 10 years dipping birth rates, mass immigration, ...

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    Belonging to a community, a group, a state, a nation, this book discusses this from the comfort andexperiences of Canada A country can welcome immigrants or build barriers or walls Canada likes to think they are welcoming and hospitable.A small village in France in the middle ages is the first exemplar of setting up a village for those who belong there, telling of their circumstances and struggles to start a new belonging village.Pericles in Greek times Pelopponesian War is spotlighted with his speech on struggles with outsiders, barbarians, and what it took to be a part of the group to belongShe also discusses the Ubuntu principle from Sou...

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    Adrienne Clarkson is a fantastic writer and I think this is a read we all need right now I wonder if all of CBC Massey Lecture series are available through podcast, I think it would have been better digested in audio.

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    This book comprises a series of lectures presented in 2014 as part of the CBC Radio Ideas annual Massey Lectures, CBC being Canada s National media radio TV, was a first person account of belonging to Canada as a former immigrant In this Adrienne Clarkson from her viewpoint as a success provided an overview of what citizenship means from a wide array of perspectives including Canada s Her primary focus though was on immigrants and Aboriginals The approach appealed to me because living and working in Toronto I feel like a direct recipient of immigration on the ground level, on the front lines and overall I like what I see and all that to which these massive waves of immigration has exposed me I got the impression though that Ms Clarkson approached the subject from the perspective of both privilege and entitlement From the microcosm from where I live or work where my neighbour comprises people from nearly every country from the planet it s a wonderful smorgasbord of nationalities, diversity, religions and cultures As I am an extreme and relatively friendly dog walker the experience of this wild diversity scintillates, and makes going out among my neighbours a real pleasure Most people I meet work hard, are family oriented, display pride in who they are and ...

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    What defines a citizen How do we define belonging How can one be an individual as well a part of a community Adrienne Clarkson presents her views on these questions in the CBC Massey Lectures, part of which I heard on the radio last year In light of the immigration tide in the media, and with Canada taking on ots first Syrian refugees, this is still a very topical subject Clarkson, herself an immigrant, who rose to become a national journalist and then Canada s twenty sixth Governor General 1999 2005 , tells of her early days growing up in Ottawa Inspired by her teacher, she began her love for literature which helped define role models She outlines her views, from ancient Greece, indigenous first nations, European and Eastern, historical and modern, Christian, Muslim and even the Bhutanese Gross National Happiness to weave out her answers of what it means to belong The conext of being Canadian is central to her theme and how Canada has been open, for the most part, to newcomers I remember her as a fiesty journalist but also the elegance and grace she gave to the office of Governor General I can easily hear her voice as I read and she makes many, valua...

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