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[PDF] ❤ Travellers Blues ✮ Andrew J. Chamberlain –

Travellers Blues Blake Doran Is An Engineer On The Valentine, A Deep Space Carrier Plying The Long Haul Routes Across The Confederation When Blake S Lover, Tash McCourt, Walks Out Of An Airlock And Into The Void, Everyone Has An Opinion About Why She Would Take Her Own Life But Blake Doesn T Want Opinions, He Wants The Truth.

    12 thoughts on “[PDF] ❤ Travellers Blues ✮ Andrew J. Chamberlain –

  1. says:

    Not bad for what I think is the author s first Kindle story The ending was a bit weak I wanted a stronger reason for why Tash died, and how exactly she was made to do what she did Some of the descriptions need to be stronger I have just started listening to the author s podcast which I enjoy.

  2. says:

    A well knit taleA very well constructed story with a fun conclusion The pacing flowed well and the characterization was done fluidly without listing what they were like.

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