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Epub ➚ Firm Foundations A Faith for today's Church Author William McKeown –

Firm Foundations A Faith for today's ChurchThe Rev William McKeown S Firm Foundations A Faith For Today S Church Was First Published By The Board Of Evangelism And Christian Training, The Presbyterian Church In Ireland In It Is An Excellent Introduction To The Westminster Confession And Makes The Doctrines Of Grace Live It Has A Unique Style Which Makes It Easy To Read And Suitable For Both The Academic And Lay Person In The Pew Scriptural References Throughout The Text Are Written In Full Which Makes The Handling Of The Subject Much Less Cumbersome And Easier To Follow Each Confession Chapter Has Between Two And Eight A Pages, Which Again Allows For Easy Bite Size Study Or As One Elder Put It, I Keep It At The Side Of My Bed To Read OftenThis New Publication Has Other Features, Which Also Add To The Benefits Of The Previous Version An Extensive Table Of Contents At The Beginning Is Of Great Help In Locating Subjects In The Body Of The Work The Modern Text Of This, Authentic Modern Version Of The Westminster Confession By Douglas F Kelly, Hugh W McClure, III And Philip Rollinson Summertown Texts, Makes For Easy Reading And Clear Understanding William S Use Of Biblical References And Cross References To The Catechisms, Is Also Helpful To Give A Quicker And Enlightened Understanding The Addition Of Dr Rowland Ward S Both Shorter And Larger Catechisms In Modern Text Is Worthwhile With The Updated Reading List, At The Close, Which Also Stimulates Further Interest And Study

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